Council warns NNPC about ageing pipelines in Niger Delta

Feb 11, 2002 01:00 AM

The Ijaw Youths Council (IYC) has raised an alarm that the Niger Delta region is now crisis-crossed by aging oil pipelines which may explode anytime and therefore wants NNPC and other oil companies to stop further pumping of high pressure oil and gas in the region or face their wrath.
The IYC noted that the oil pipelines are "old, worn out, weak and overdue, thus making the people of the immediate environment vulnerable to needless explosions."

The chairman of the IYC Caretaker Committee, Honourable Bello Oboko in a statement entitled "Condolence message to the president of Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC) on the tragic Lagos explosion", urged the Federal Government to compel the NNPC and other oil companies to replace all the aging oil pipelines to avoid the replay of Lagos explosion in the Niger Delta, particularly the oil producing areas.
His words: "The NNPC and oil companies should stop pumping of high pressure oil and gas through the old, worn out, weak and overdue pipelines crisis-crossing the Niger Delta region and therefore save the vulnerable nationalities the danger of replaying experiences of the Lagos explosions." "Besides," Oboko said, "in order to avoid or prevent further devastating explosions in the near future, Environmental Audit Report (EAR) on the activities of oil trans-nationals should be made available on regular basis by the oil companies."

However, Oboko said the IYC condoled with the OPC, Governor Bola Tinubu of Lagos State and all the survivors on the sad event of the Ikeja Cantonment bomb explosions on January 27th, 2002, which resulted to needless deaths in Yorubaland.
"These explosions are additional national sources of untimely death unleashed on the citizenry of Nigeria. They are yet another terror attack on humanity similar to the September 11, 2001 America terror attack as both tragic events led to high death tolls in the thousands."
"The bomb explosions in Lagos State like oil pipeline explosions in the Niger Delta are all national emergencies. They have equal chances of being caused by saboteurs who possibly take undue advantage of state of lack of rehabilitation or relocation of outdated pipes or expired bombs and amenities arising from irresponsibility of government and dereliction of duty by the multi-national oil companies. The Niger-Delta presently is a region of potential explosions. It is crisis-crossed by old and worn-out oil and gas pipelines that may explode anytime."

Consequently, Oboko re-affirmed their earlier call on the National Assembly to take a cue from their state counterparts in the East who legalised the operation of Bakassi Boys and the North for authorising the practice of Sharia by "legislating an act to enable OPC, IYC and other such other organisations nationwide to come out in full and deal decisively with the culpable recklessness in the Western region, Niger Delta and the rest of Nigeria."
The IYC condemned the use of the military to resolve ethnic conflict, especially between Yoruba and Hausa in Lagos State, adding that from experience, the military would only perpetuate mindless extra-judicial killing which may portray the Western region in bad light.
To this end, Oboko asked "the Federal Government to immediately convey a Sovereign National Conference (SNC) as no hasty provision of relief material can offer equal relief which can be far reaching such that all victims of national disasters from the Lagos region, as well as the Niger Delta and elsewhere in Nigeria shall equally and adequately be taken care of."

Source: Vanguard
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