Shanghai would promote employment of natural gas

Feb 27, 2002 01:00 AM

In order to adjust the energy structure and cooperate with the implementation of West-East natural gas transmission project, Shanghai would make effort to promote the employment of natural gas. According to the analysis of insiders, like other regions, the high price of the natural gas transmitted from west would influence the development of Shanghai natural gas market.

According to the introduction, in the following five years, Shanghai would divided the employment of natural gas transmitted from west three sectors, 50 % for electricity generation, 40 % for civil usage, 10 % serve as raw material of chemical industrial products, fuel for industrial products and automobile.
The vital natural gas development projects includes thermal-electricity joint production project in Shanghai Chemical Industrial Zone, the reconstruction project of Shanghai Zhabei Gasturbine Powerplant, Huaneng Shanghai Gas Powerplant, Shongjiang thermal-electricity project, Jinqiao thermal-electricity project.

According to the programming, the employment area of natural gas in Shanghai would cover 6340 sq km. In 2005, the total demand for natural gas would be 3 bn cm, in which, employment volume of the gas air conditioners and boilers would reach 0.333 bn cm, automobile use natural gas would increase to 3300 sets, the employment volume of natural gas would be 0.297 mm cm each day. In 2010, the total demand for natural gas would be 6 bn cm.

Source: AsiaPort
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