Mexican natural gas imports to increase 600 % until 2010

Jul 08, 2002 02:00 AM

The Mexican imports of natural gas are to increase 600 % over the next four years to meet domestic demand and make up for the low domestic productivity. Pemex Gas has imported in 2001 and average of 270 mm cfpd and should import 1.9 bn by 2006.
Concurrently, import costs will rise from $ 296 mm in 2001 to $ 2.6 bn in 2006.

Demand is to increase by 9 % per year until 2010 mainly due to thermal power plants to add 14,000 MW-20,000 MW of power until 2010, and domestic gas production is rising by 6,5 %, thus Pemex Gas is seeking to speed up productivity goals through multiple service contracts (dubbed CSM) through which private companies would invest in production.
There are 6-8 areas to be developed through CSM contracts and produce 1 bn cfpd by 2006. Furthermore, the energy commission CFE plans to start up 49 combined cycle power plants until 2009 with capacity for 21,530 MW, while other 16 power plants would use other feedstock sources (water, coal, fuel oil).

From the 25,000 MW planned to add to the domestic power supply until 2009, 86 % are to be based on natural gas feedstock, and 14 % use other fuels.

Source: El Financiero/SABI
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