Chile puts pressure to benefit from Bolivian port terminal

Jul 22, 2002 02:00 AM

Chilean authorities and media are putting pressures to benefit from the decision of the Bolivian government on the port to basis the exporting of liquid natural gas.
Rumours point to an agreement by which Chile would grant a 99 years leasing of a 600 ha port terminal area where it would be set up a petrochemicals complex.

Pacific LNG, the association of Repsol-YPF, British Gas, backs the Chilean proposal and Pan American Energy. A Chilean port for export would save $ 600 mm investments, while the total investments in the project would be above $ 6 bn. That includes gas production, a pipeline to the port terminal, gas processing plants, and a petrochemicals complex.
Pacific LNG has already signed an agreement with Sempra Energy (US) that will handle the internalisation and transportation of the natural gas both in US and Mexico.

Source: American Business Information
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