Countries discuss European gas directive in Algiers

Sep 07, 2002 02:00 AM

The European directive on gas has been discussed in Algiers between producing and consuming countries. How to implement this directive is one of the controversial points under examination.

Energy and Mines Minister Chakib Khelil has given the following details: “We want a clarification of positions of each gas producing and consuming country. What is our position? Our position is clear. We are for a free, open and competitive market. But we want these rules to be implemented when this market comes to existence, and not before.”
“If these rules are implemented, they should be implemented in a transition period, and the balance of the existing contracts first and the balance of future contracts should not be broken or be in favour of one side at the detriment of the other.”

Therefore, we have to keep the economic balance of the contracts between the producing countries and the companies. As far the international companies are concerned, we would like to have more clarifications on their position.
“The international companies are in favour of openness, transparency etc... But in practice, they do not play this role, because the big gas and oil companies want to have the monopoly. As you know, it is through monopoly, its through a web of markets that they develop the biggest profitability until competition arrives. Then, their profitability is reduced.”

Source: BBC Monitoring Middle East - Political
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