Ship carrying flammable oil hits car transporter

Jan 01, 2003 01:00 AM

A ship carrying 70,000 tons of highly flammable oil struck the submerged car transporter The Tricolor off the Kent coast, coastguards said. French coastguards are co-ordinating an emergency operation to rescue the crew of The Vicky, which was stuck on top of the sunken vessel.
It's believed that no kerosene had been spilt from the ship into the Channel. A spokesman said that there were no injuries reported among the 24 crew. At least three boats, one from England, were involved in the rescue operation.

This is the second vessel to strike the submerged Tricolor, which was carrying 2,862 BMWs, Volvos and Saabs worth an estimated £ 30 mm when it sank off the French port of Dunkirk. Dover Coastguard said it was not yet known if there was any imminent danger of the highly flammable oil on board The Vicky igniting, or whether the ship was sinking.
The spokesman said: "If the Vicky is holed then the French are going to have get the crew off quickly and then deal with any pollution issue later."

The Norwegian Tricolor sank after colliding with the Bahamas-registered container ship Kariba in thick fog. Now the Turkish-registered Vicky struck the Tricolor and became stuck fast.
The 243 metre-long, 43,000 ton tanker was sailing from Antwerp to New York when it struck the ship.

Source: Ananova
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