Bolivia and Paraguay to sign pipeline protocol

Dec 05, 2002 01:00 AM

The governments of Bolivia and Paraguay will meet in the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz to sign a protocol for promoting the construction of a natural gas pipeline, Paraguay's public works minister Antonio Adam Nill told. Paraguay will present its portfolio of projects that would make the pipeline feasible, Nill said.
The two governments would then work together to promote the projects in the private sector.

Companies that have expressed interest include France's TotalFinaElf, Spain's Repsol-YPF and Brazil's Petrobras, he said. Initial investments would be between $ 500 mm and $ 1 bn, based on a 850-km pipeline from Tarija through the Paraguayan Chaco region to capital city Asuncion.
The pipeline could be operating by the second half of 2004, he added.

Paraguay envisages construction of a 200 MW thermoelectric plant at Loma Lata, about halfway along the pipeline, and a 750 MW thermoelectric plant outside Asuncion as the main financial drivers for the project, Adam Nill said. The government would simultaneously draw up a plan to build a local natural gas distribution network, he said.
As a second stage of the project, the pipeline would continue to the Brazilian border targeting the agro-industrial sector in Brazil's west-west, Adam Nill said.

Source: Business News Americas
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