UAE starts unleaded gasoline changeover on January 1

Dec 16, 2002 01:00 AM

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), acting under Secretary for the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Nasser Al-Sharhan, announced the phasing out of leaded gasoline and replacing it with unleaded gasoline from January 1, 2003.
The complete phase out of leaded gasoline by 2003 came in response to a resolution by the Higher Council of Leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in 1998 at their meeting in Abu Dhabi. In July of this year, the UAE Cabinet Decree mandated the complete phase out of leaded gasoline in the UAE by the prescribed date.

In support of this government initiative, Al-Sharan outlined details of a comprehensive public awareness campaign, entitled UAE Goes Green, which has been created to provide an estimated 750,000 UAE motorists with details on the vehicles' compatibility with unleaded gasoline and give general guidelines to assist motorists on the changeover.
In a unanimous show of support, ministerial and other government departments, non-government organizations, and representatives from all UAE oil companies attended.

The enormous logistical challenges involved in the conversion of over 500 service stations nationwide were also highlighted. Each company has had to make a substantial investment in order to develop their facilities to facilitate the production of unleaded gasoline.
The use of unleaded gasoline with catalytic converters in all UAE automobiles is forecast to dramatically reduce harmful emissions. After the UAE cabinet decree in 2002, catalytic converters have become standard in all new cars sold in the UAE.

Source: Al-Bawaba
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