Energy demand of developing nations set to rise

Feb 05, 2003 01:00 AM

Developing countries are becoming major players in the global commercial energy consumption market with their share projected to increase to 43 % by 2020, an analyst told. The current share of developing countries is slightly above 30 %.
"Developing countries are becoming increasingly important actors in global commercial energy and their increasing share is widely predicted to continue. The OPEC world energy model projects an increase in their share to 43 % by 2020 and this trend is confirmed by a large number of other forecasts," said Mohammed Alipour-Jeddi, Analyst from OPEC's Energy Studies Department.

Speaking at the Environment and Energy 2003 conference, he said developing countries are projected to account for well over 60 % of the global increase in commercial energy consumption by 2020.
"OPEC's model reference case projections for 2020 forecast world demand growth of 31 mm bpd from 2000; 21 mm bpd of the increase would come from developing countries," he said, adding that Chinaalone accounts for over one-third of this increase. "Despite the more rapid rate of growth, their per capita consumption of commercial energy will still continue to be far below the levels in industrialised countries."

OPEC could take the lead in developing additional energy-related partnerships with both Northern and Southern governments and the private sector on issues such as clean fossil fuel technologies. In particular, as the first recommendation, petroleum producers may want to consider pursuing the partnerships in advancing implementation of the energy outcomes of the Johannesburg summit in gas flaring, LPG challenge initiatives, environmental data initiatives and urban air quality planning initiatives.
Finally, Jeddi said OPEC member countries need to address more vigorously the medium to long-term issues of diversifying their economies in order to reduce dependence on export and in particular, increase value added from their oil and gas resources.

Source: Gulf News Online
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