Iran agrees to provide Iraq with electricity

Nov 24, 2003 01:00 AM

Iran has agreed to supply Iraq with power, the Iranian Minister of Power announced.
"We had fruitful talks with Iraqi delegation," Habibollah Bitaraf said, adding that it was decided to build a joint electricity network on the Iraqi border so that they would be able to make use of Iran’s energy supplies. The minister also said that a team of experts are in charge of studying the possibilities of the project.

The two sides have made the approbation during their meeting in Tehran, according to which Iran agreed to sell its electricity to Iraq. Water projects have also been discussed and are supposed to be the next case of cooperation between the two neighbouring countries.
Meanwhile, the minister added that a delegation from Kuwaiti Energy Ministry has recently met with Iran’s power Ministry officials in Tehran.

"Talks are still under way to determine whether Iran agrees to transfer its water to Kuwait," Bitaraf stated. Natural gas is reported to be the main fuel used in Iranian power plants, he stated, saying, "In order to save natural resources, it is planned to provide these plants with liquid fuels under oil ministry authorization."
Iran has already agreed to export its oil products to Iraq as winter comes to encircle the war torn country, Aljazeera quoted Iraq’s Oil Ministry spokesman Asem Jahad as saying. A joint committee composed of officials from both countries is now established to study bilateral ties in the fields of oil and gas.

Source: Tehran Times
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