Offshore oil workers complain about disturbed sleep

Feb 26, 2004 01:00 AM

Snoring has become a hot political issue in Norway after offshore oil workers complained of roommates keeping them awake at night. On some offshore oil platforms, workers have to share accommodations. So if one of them snores, the other can get dangerously deprived of sleep.
The problem made national news, after a member of parliament wrote to Labour Minister Victor Norman, demanding that something be done to help the sleep-deprived workers.

Karin Andersen, of the Socialist Left party, said she asked the minister to explain how he planned to meet the demand for undisturbed sleep.
"It seems the problem is increasing," she was quoted as saying.
Platform workers generally spend two-week shifts offshore, meaning they have no escape from roommates' nightly noises for the period.

Geir Heddeland, union leader on the Ekofisk oil field off southern Norway, said the problem affects about 700 of the 1,050 workers on that field alone.
"It goes beyond just snoring," he said.
Roommates,often in bunk beds, can wake each other up simply by getting in and out of bed, he added.
"These are industrial workplaces at sea," Heddeland said. "If people get too tired, they can make a misstep, which can be dangerous."

Source: The Australian
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