Slovakia interested in oil transportation via Druzhba oil pipeline

Feb 25, 2004 01:00 AM

Slovakia is interested in development of projects for transportation of oil via the Druzhba oil pipeline, which passes across Ukraine and Slovakia.
Ukrainian Minister of Fuel and Energy Serhiy Yermylov said this, following his meeting with Slovakian Ambassador to Ukraine Vasil Grivna. The meeting also focused on transport of other energy carriers -- gas and electricity.

The Druzhba oil pipeline involves two projects -- its integration into the Adria oil pipeline and test pumping of different oil brands to Czech oil refineries.
The agency reported that Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma had signed a bill into law on ratification of an agreement on cooperation in a project for integrating the Druzhba and Adria pipelines to transport additional volumes of oil (up to 15 mm tpy) to the world market via pipelines of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Hungary, Slovakia and Croatia, with reloading through the Croatian port of Omisalj.

Source: Interfax Information Services
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