Expert believes in promise of ten new offshore blocks in Trinidad

Feb 19, 2004 01:00 AM

Geologist Dr Krishna Persad is predicting that Trinidad and Tobago's proven oil and gas reserves will significantly increase when drilling takes place in the ten offshore blocks recently offered by the government. He said the prediction was based on studies he did for the major oil and gas companies in which his firm, Trinidad Geological Research Centre examined the prospectivity of the blocks on offer.
A highly respected geologist, Persad said; "I am very excited that there will be significant finds in blocks on offer which would certainly lead to an increase in the country's proven reserves and yes I will predict at least one major find."

Persad said all the ten blocks had potential including the deep water blocks. With respect to the deep water blocks, 22, 23a and 23b, Persad said while there was no drilling history to those blocks they contained a series of folds and thrust belts.
He added that the Barbados Basin goes through these blocks while another formation, the East Tobago Harlf Graben passes through the eastern end of Block 22 and the north western end of Block 23a "with significant thickness of Miocene and younger sediments which make the blocks perspective".

Dr Persad further argues that Block 24 contains the same sands which gave rise to BHP's Angostura discovery in Block 2c. In looking at Blocks 1a and 1b, Dr Persad said there was no question that hydrocarbons existed in these blocks.
He pointed out that hydrocarbons were already discovered in the block with the Couva marine discovery producing over 300,000 barrels before it was eventually shut in. The geologist added that his company studies had also shown that there was tremendous potential in blocks 3b and 4a including a 500 bn cf of gas discovered in block 4a which he says could be developed by a medium scale producer once a market could be found.

Persad said his studies were far more detailed than the seismic data and well logs offered by the Ministry.
He said; "I did a systematic study for the entire country and for block by block. We looked at everything including geology, stratigraphy, structure, tectonic history geo chemistry and anything which could help us determine the prospectivity of the blocks."
Persad said the country should be extremely encouraged by the level of interest showed in the block by the multinational oil companies.

He explained; "We must not discount the significance of all ten block being bid on. That is the first time this has happened in the history of Trinidad and Tobago and it speaks to the quality of the blocks on offer."
"Not only that you must also remember that while all the blocks were bid on there were multiple bids on several of them allowing the government an opportunity to evaluate all the proposals and make a decision on who gets the block based on the offer which is in the best interest of the government and people of Trinidad and Tobago." Persad added.

Source: Trinidad Express
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