Asian countries vow to make efforts to attain energy security

Jun 23, 2004 02:00 AM

Member states of the Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) reaffirmed recently their commitments to enhancing dialogue and cooperation to ensure energy security for sustainable development.
In the Qingdao Initiative, issued at the closing of the third ACD foreign ministers' meeting, the 22 ACD members pledged to enhance dialogue and cooperation on energy based on mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit so as to attain energy security in Asia. Acknowledging that sustained and stable energy production and supply serve the fundamental interests of each ACD country, the members underscored in the initiative that energy security can only be attained through candid dialogue and mutually beneficial cooperation.

In the initiative, the member countries agreed to increase cooperation in 11 aspects:
1. Enhancing exchanges of information to increase the openness and transparency of energy policies;

2. Encouraging cooperation on energy exploration and exploitation;

3. Strengthening cooperation insuch fields as energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy;

4. Promoting scientific, technological and commercial cooperation for the development and production of energy from renewable resources, especially bio-energy and clean energy;

5. Enhancing cooperation in rural electrification and exploring the feasibility of creating a regional power grid;

6. Encouraging countries to exchange and share views on the international energy market, with a view to facilitating a fair energy pricing for both consumers and producers in Asia;

7. Promoting a conducive environment to attract investors to play a more significant role in the energy sector of ACD member countries;

8. Strengthening coordination and cooperation, within their capacities and national interests, in the construction of oil and gas pipelines and other means of energy transportation, storage facilities as well as hydropower stations, and promoting the establishment of a regional network to facilitate the efficient transport or transmission of energy;

9. Taking into account the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, ensuring safe transportation along vital energy shipping routes through dialogue and cooperation, while taking also into full consideration the territorial integrity and the security concerns of all parties concerned;

10. Strengthening cooperation in human resources development and promoting technology sharing through training and exchange of best practices, with a view to building capacity in the energy sector; and

11. Exploring the possibility of establishing a forum on energy cooperation in Asia and implementing the outcomes of the meeting, including encouraging related enterprises, institutions and agencies in all countries as well as various sub-regions of ACD to actively participate in cooperation related activities.

Foreign ministers or their representatives from the 22 ACD members attended the one-day ministerial meeting, which also issued the Asia Cooperation Declaration.

Source: Xinhua News Agency
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