Botswana considers forming an association of LPG trading firms

Aug 03, 2004 02:00 AM

The Botswana government is considering forming an association of companies that trade in LPG as a means of regulating the industry.
The acting deputy director of the Division of Energy Affairs, Derrick Poloko says the association would address issues like prices, code of conduct and safety measures. Other issues that would be covered include distribution and transport, storage and handling of cylinders.

The Energy Affairs Division officially noted that there is a need to ensure that the gas cylinders are well serviced. Another area of concern is that of the pricing of gas bottles. According to officials, the price of domestic gas in the country is not regulated.
"We are hoping that the association will monitor and address the issue of prices," they say.

Poloko says they see the gas industry as a mushrooming lucrative business.
Many people are going into this business but there are no regulations governing it.

Source: LiquidAfrica
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