Kazakhstan and China create pipeline joint venture

Jul 29, 2004 02:00 AM

The course of preparations for the construction of a pipeline from Atasu (Kazakhstan) to Alashankou (Western Chine) and other issues related with the commencement of works on this project have been discussed on July 29, at a meeting in the government of Kazakhstan, chaired by the prime minister Danial Akhmetov.
It has been observed at the meeting that negotiations with the Chinese party have been completed on basic principles and conditions of financing and constituent documents.

An establishment of the Kazakhstani-Chinese pipeline joint venture has been signed, the budget and the list of staff members have been defined. Creditor banks have been preliminarily defined and a number of other issues also resolved.
It has been decided that the construction of the trunk pipeline for the length of 977.5 km and with a capacity of 10 mm tpy will commence in 2004 already and must be completed in 2005.

Source: Kazakhstan Today
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