Argentine unemployed workers take over oil storage facility

Jul 28, 2004 02:00 AM

Nearly 100 unemployed workers and their families continued to occupy a southern Argentina oil storage facility belonging to a consortium of foreign and domestic oil companies.
The protesters, who are demanding jobs for 115 people, shut down operations at the port of Caleta Olivia's Patagonia Maritime Terminals (TERMAP), where one-third of Argentine crude oil is stored.

As militarised police forces continue to surround the facility, protesters insist on speaking with TERMAP representatives and have given the company two days to agree to their demands.
TERMAP is a consortium that includes the Anglo-Argentine Pan American Energy company, Spain's Repsol-YPF, France's Total Austral, the United States' Vintage Oil and the Anglo-Dutch Shell, among others.

The workers are refusing to talk with officials from the province of Santa Cruz, where the port of Caleta Olivia is located, some 1,800 km (1,125 miles) south of Buenos Aires. Oil company spokesmen told none of the demonstrators have industry experience, which makes it hard to employ them.
In June, following a series of protests and sit-ins at oil facilities, the Santa Cruz government granted close to 100 unemployed people monthly subsidies of 700 pesos (around $ 234) for a three-month period.

Source: EFE
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