Energy transfer network from Iran to Asia is a necessity

Jul 23, 2004 02:00 AM

The Head of the Asia-Europe Energy Association told that establishing an energy transfer network in Iran for distributing energy among Asian countries is a necessity. Sergei Bertier added that Europe gets 80 % of its needed energy from nuclear plants with Russia and Norway being major suppliers of gas to European nations.
"Therefore, Asia could be a good market for the Iranian gas," he said.

The expert stated that shortage of oil and gas was not a major problem per se, but distribution of energy to countries lacking energy resources was a problem.
"Establishment of a gas pipeline from Iran to Pakistan is an important measure, because it could be extended as far as China," he said. Bertier stated that political cooperation at various levels was requisite for boosting regional cooperation, especially with regard to energy due to high sensitivity of oil and gas trade.

He mentioned stable geopolitical order to build mutual confidence and attaining technology needed to transfer and distribute energy as major tools for globalisation.
"Many goods we are using now were lacking in the past and may be useless in future because scientific advances will find good replacements for them. Therefore, the most important factor is to make up for the existing time lag in some countries, which bars their march toward globalisation," he said.

Source: PetroEnergy Information Network
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