Iraq plans to dig 2,000 new oil wells

Jul 20, 2004 02:00 AM

Iraqi Oil Minister Thamir Al Ghadhaban has announced that the ministry intends to dig 2,000 oil wells and extend gas pipes for more than 3,000 km inside the country.
"These projects are part of the ministry's plan for 2005, in addition to developing the existing oil wells," Ghadhaban was quoted as saying.

He said that his ministry "does not deal with mediators, but it deals directly with the source and presents all the projects on the internet, locally and internationally, and follows the existing methods in the world's biggest companies in implementing projects, by taking the best tenders in the way that serves the Iraqi oil sector and consolidates its productive ability."
The ministry has 42 projects, within its project of gas pipelines, to be put for investment, noted the minister, emphasizing that there is no sponsorship on Iraqi oil by any side.

Iraq has the second largest oil reserve in the world after the Saudi Arabia, with many regions that are no oil excavation is conducted yet.

Source: Xinhua News Agency
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