UAE to introduce green diesel to protect environment

Oct 16, 2004 02:00 AM

After phasing out leaded petrol last year, federal authorities now want to introduce green diesel. This was announced by Dr Sa'ad Al Numairi, Environmental Adviser at the Federal Environmental Agency (FEA) in Dubai.
"Our target is to reduce to the minimum the amount of sulphur in diesel sold and used in the country," Dr Al Numairi told on the sidelines of a forum on corporate social responsibility that tackled environmental laws. Key figures from various government bodies, international organisations and companies attended the event.

In the UAE, about 10 % of vehicles, mostly trucks and heavy equipment, use diesel.
"If we can reduce the sulphur from diesel to the minimum with better refining technology, technical standards and law-enforcement, it would be better for all of us," the official said.
Dr Al Numairi, who led the group that prepared the National Environmental Strategy, said federal authorities have already laid down a plan to reduce sulphur emissions to around 5,000 ppm by the end of the year.
"By the end of next year, our aim is to reduce it to 2,500 ppm. And by 2010, we plan to make it around 50 ppm."

He said the industry was not resisting the plan.
"We did our homework for laying down these technical specifications. There was a process of consultation and discussion with the experts and the community. Now is the time for action," he said.
A technical committee under the FEA finalised in July the specifications for low sulphur diesel, he said.

Many Western countries have mandated low sulphur diesel, also known as city diesel, or diesel fuel that contains less than 0.005 % of sulphur.
It is now obligatory in Sweden, the United Kingdom, Denmark and continental Europe. Canada has ruled on-road diesel fuel must not contain more than 15 ppm sulphur by June 1, 2006.

Source: Gulf News
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