Turkmenistan builds petrol pumps for Uzbek citizens

Dec 30, 2004 01:00 AM

Turkmenistan would commission at its border the first fuelling station in January 2005 to provide cheap petrol, diesel oil and lubricants to the citizens of Uzbekistan.
Two more stations would be built within the next few months.

The first station would be located near the Doshoguz-Urgench border crossing point in Doshoguz province of Turkmenistan. The station would start functioning by the end of January 2005.
Another fuelling station in Doshoguz province would be built at Kunyaurgench-Khojaely crossing point. It would be inaugurated in February 2005.
The third station would be situated in Farab town of Turkmenistan’s Lebap province.

Each fuelling station would have ten filling pumps manufactured by Tatsuna-Bench of Czech Republic. Each pump can fill two vehicles simultaneously. Each station would be able to service 2000 vehicles a day. Gasoline grades A-80, A-95, diesel oil, general purpose motor oil, and a range of lubricants would be available at the stations. Prices would be higher than the regular prices for Turkmen citizens.
Border trading posts would also be opened in near future. Citizens of Uzbek regions Bukhara, Khwarizm and Karakalpakstan would benefit from these facilities. Decision for setting up the fuelling stations and border trading posts was taken during Niyazov’s visit to Bukhara on 19 November 2004.

Opening of fuelling stations could possibly remove one of the sources of tension between Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Petrol in Turkmenistan is 400 manats per liter (less than 2 cents in black market rates) while Uzbekistan is experiencing perpetual shortage of all kinds of petrol.
Uzbek citizens routinely cross over to Turkmenistan illegally and smuggle petrol into Uzbekistan, leading to unpleasant incidents between border guards and smugglers.

Source: NewsCentralAsia
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