Polish minister notes alternative crude oil import sources

Dec 21, 2004 01:00 AM

Russian crude oil is a dominant but the cheapest raw material on Poland's fuels market, Deputy Economy Minister Jacek Piechota has told, adding that there are alternative sources of Russian oil, that can be transported by sea.
"Naftoport's annual reloading capacity, estimated at 34 mm tons, is more than two times larger than Poland's demand for crude oil, which means that there is an alternative at hand. It does not have to be used because the point is not to deliver to oil refineries more costly petroleum at any price." Russian gas imports account for 53 % of Poland's total gas imports.

Piechota said that it is necessary to reverse the direction of gas transmission on the same Yamal gas pipeline, chiefly through application of new technologies, compressed gas and LPG, and through development of storage space.
Piechota said on 21 December that there are plans to construct a nuclear plant, which results from the necessity to meet environmental protection requirements.

Poland will be unable to meet the greenhouse gas emission requirements around 2023, he added.
"Our priority is to build energy sources based on renewable energy, like wind, biomass or water-generated energy. The resources of the three are insufficient," Piechota said.

Source: BBC Monitoring European
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