Iran to boost gasoline output by 7-8 mm litres a day

Apr 20, 2005 02:00 AM

Iran is to implement projects worth $ 100 to $ 150 mm at refineries to boost gasoline output by seven to 8 mm litres a day, said an official. Director of the Refining Affairs Department at National Iranian Oil Derivatives Refining and Distribution Company Mohammad Zali told that a 7 to 8 mm litre increase in the daily output would be possible by the next two years with the successful implementation of bench marking system at the refineries.
Zali said the Anglo-Dutch conglomerate Shell was the advisory partner with Iran in the project for assessment of the condition of Iranian refineries and their comparison with 63 major refineries worldwide in terms of the production level, productivity, and number of workforce.

He said the project findings point to the need for changing the current system in refineries by manpower adjustment, lowering liquid fuel consumption and productivity improvement to raise gasoline production. He added that the project would be financed out of resources of the refineries.
The official said under the project for output efficiency and productivity of refineries, the duration of fundamental overhaul has increased, for instance the duration for such repairs at the distillation units have raised to four years from two years and in the catalyst converter units to three years from two years.

The duration enhancement has resulted in better productivity and higher profits. He hoped that organization of seminars at refineries would give further increase to repairing duration, pegging it at five years rather than four years in the distillation units and four years rather than three years in the catalyst converter units.
A comprehensive project is formulated and presented to management of Lavan refinery, under which the refinery's production would rise to 40,000 bpd from 20,000 bpd once the isomerisation and hydrogen purification units are set up, said the official, adding the project is currently in the pilot stage.

The comprehensive project for Kermanshah refinery is also formulated and the Iranian partner is looking for a suitable consultant, said Zali, adding that the project would help the refinery increase its daily output to 40,000 bpd from 20,000 bpd, making the business profitable.
Elsewhere, the expert said increase in consumption of natural gas as a fuel in refineries instead of liquid fuel would reap a benefit of $ 182 mm for the country a year. He said his company has also been successful to replace leaded gasoline with MTBI as an environmental friendly project.

The company has also directed sour gases to the sulphur production units in certain refineries such as Isfahan, Bandar Abbas and Tabriz to prevent environment pollution. Change in designing of kilns and use of kiln torches to benefit from natural gas fuel prevented the release of many pollutants, he noted.
He disclosed that two projects were implemented at Iranian refineries of Tehran and Tabriz on joint venture with Chinese parties for transfer of crude from Central Asian republics to Iran. Tabriz refinery has been successful in fully refining the crude while Tehran refinery has managed to achieve 30 % of the target, he added.

Source: PetroEnergy Information Network
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