EU-OPEC joint session discusses LNG transfer from Iran to Europe

May 25, 2005 02:00 AM

The LNG transfer from Iran’s Assaluyeh to Europe was among the important issues discussed by the participating Iranian delegation headed by Nejad-Hosseinian at the first OPEC-EU joint session being held in Brussels.
Since oil consumer countries are keen to invest in the oil producing countries, the Iranian delegation proposed the EU great oil consumers to invest in Iran’s energy sector, as the final product is produced in Iran and is exported only to the consumer countries. The Europeans are presently evaluating the propose in terms of its economical aspects.

Iran and EU to form energy committees
Nejad-Hosseinian, the deputy oil minister for international affairs said that Iran and the European Union are to establish three working committees to cooperate in the energy sector.
“The committees will deal with infrastructural activities in the energy sector, fuel conservation and air transportation”, he said. Europeans were mainly preoccupied with their daily increasing demand forenergy, and they are presently investing in multilateral agreements for international cooperation.

He said that Iran had proposed the Europeans to invest in its downstream oil sector, stating they could replace their investments with purchase of crude and natural gas from Iran. He added that such projects are profitable for Iran, although the country has to diversify its customers for oil and gas to gain more revenues.
Also in his remarks, the official noted that the country can implement railway projects under buyback contracts.

British Gas keen to participate in Iran’s LNG projects
According to Nejad-Hosseinian, British Gas is keen to participate in Iran’s LNG projects.
“The British Gas Co. is seeking for participation in the liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects of the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), however, there are disputes on the shares held by each company”, he said.

The British company is willing to hold 40-50 % shares, which is not acceptable by Iran, the deputy said, adding, “We proposed the company to establish a new LNG unit instead of taking part in the NIOC’s LNG projects, as The Netherlands’s Shell and French Total have so far done.”
In conclusion, Nejad-Hosseinian also said that British Gas has voiced its readiness to establish Iran-Kuwait gas pipeline.

Source: Tehran Times
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