Iran’s crude output is beyond OPEC quota

May 24, 2005 02:00 AM

Iran's crude production has exceeded its OPEC quota, a senior official said, citing the development of Sorush and Noruz oilfields.
Hojjatollah Ghanimifard, the executive director of the state-run National Iranian Oil Company told Iran's daily crude exports reached 2.5 mm barrels.

Sorush and Noruz oilfields have collectively produced more than 52 mm barrels of crude since their recovery increased. Crude production from Sorush and Noruz oilfields has hit its peak -- 190,000 bpd.
Shell is operating the twin fields to bring their production to 190,000 bpd. Sorush contains 7.5 bn barrels of oil while Noruz has 2 bn barrels.

Iran offers 250 mm litres of oil products daily Iran is producing 250 mm litres a day of oil products, a deputy minister of oil said.
Mohammad Aqai said Iran has dramatically increased its oil products in the past eight years with gasoline claiming the top spot.
"In the past eight years, our daily gasoline production has reached from 28 mm litres to 40 mm litres," he said. "Meanwhile, our gas oil and furnace oil production grew 33 and 9 % respectively."

Regarding the consumption of oil products in the country, Aqai said: "Eighty % of oil products -- 200 mm litres -- is used domestically.”
“Gas, oil and kerosene account for 100 mm litres a day, furnace oil for 30 mm litres with gasoline and others for 40 mm litres."

Source: Tehran Times
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