Iranian experts manufacture test equipment for oil and gas leaks

Oct 10, 2005 02:00 AM

Iranian experts have succeeded in manufacturing a test equipment to check oil and gas pipelines for possible leaks. The PIG system makes use of brome 82, radio isotopes.
Given the fact that Iran’s 12,000 km oil pipelines have an age of over 40 years and a considerable part of the pipes pass through desert and salty regions or alongside rivers, their wall diameters have already decreased, noted Dr Hassan Rahimi, supervisor of the team working on the leak detector project.

Added to all these, Rahimi pointed out, is the fact that the high pressure of the oil or gas oil transferred through the pipes would result in the fast wear and tear of the weakened parts of the pipelines. Through the use of the leak detector test equipment, the affected or broken area along the pipeline would be precisely located.
He also referred to the tests carried out with the test equipment on eight pipelines across the country and said, the last test conducted by the test kit was performed on a 14-inch, 117-km-long pipeline transferring oil from Rafsanjan to Kerman as a result of which precise locations of two leakages were identified.

He further explained that they are currently checking the 16-inch, 146-km Nayin-Isfahan Pipeline for leaks.
In comparison with other test equipments used in the field such as the one making use of ultrasonic frequencies, the test kit is more precise the expert explained adding, a significant advantage of the PIG test kit over other leading equipment is that during the testing procedure there is no need for cutting off the oil flow in the pipeline.

Source: Mehr News Agency
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