Oil spill near Vladivostok ensues in criminal case on negligence

Sep 26, 2005 02:00 AM

Military prosecutors of Vladivostok garrison launched a criminal case on negligence after almost 50 tons of heating oil were spilled in the Amursky Bay. Military prosecutor Oleg Dyomin told that the investigation will evaluate ecological damage and possible damage to enterprises.
"Preliminary investigation revealed that oil spill occurred due to a technical malfunction," Dyomin said. However, another cause of the oil spill can be an attempt to conceal oil theft in the Pacific Fleet, he added.

Dyomin mentioned that the Fleet's military detachment responsible for oil spill is currently under serious inspection which includes a number of expertise.
Prosecutors say that 42 tons of heating oil spilled from an open reservoir into the Pervaya Rechka River which runs through the centre city and flows into the Amursky Bay. 175 Pacific Fleet militaries and 25 transport items are engaged in eliminating results of the spill.

After the spill was spotted by the guards from the city's petroleum storage depot located at the river, specialists from the Primornefteprodukt Ltd. immediately put floating dams to stop the 10-centimeter thick layer of heating oil from spreading further into the bay.
Specialists from Primornefteprodukt company, rescuers from the regional department of Ministry for Emergency Situations and the Pacific Fleet military used vacuum machines and absorbents to remove the oil products from the water surface in the Amursky Bay and the Fyodorov Bay, central Vladivostok.

About 108 tons of water-oil mixture and 84 cm of polluted soil were removed from the Amursky Bay territory. The Pervaya Rechka River has been cleaned of the spill.
Previously, the Pacific Fleet representatives, though admitting their fault, claimed that the oil leakage was minor and the oil didn't get into the bay, Vostok Media said. Due to a strange coincidence, the massive oil spill occurred on the day when Vladivostok celebrated Sea Day, which is held to raise awareness of the impact of oil spills on the environment.

The incident has been the third oil spillage occurring in Vladivostok in the past two months. In the beginning of August, 10 tons of heating oil spilled into the Amursky Bay from the underground tanks located on the territory of the recreation centre “Vladivostok”.
Another oil spillage of a several square kilometres was discovered in the bay near the Russky Island, the oil leaked from an abandoned fleet vessel.

Source: Vladivostok Novosti
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