Uzbekistan has 31-years worth of gas reserves

Oct 03, 2005 02:00 AM

At current hydrocarbon production levels, Uzbekistan has sufficient explored reserves of natural gas for 31 years, oil -- 21 years and condensate -- 25 years, Tuichi Shaimuratov, director of Geology and Oil and Gas Field Exploration Institute said at an energy conference in Tashkent.
He said that these figures were valid as of January 1, 2005. Shaimuratov did not give specific figures for explored hydrocarbon reserves.

Forecast prospective hydrocarbon resources as of January 1, 2005 amount to 5.901 tcm of gas, 817.7 mm tons of oil, and 360 mm tons of condensate. Shaimuratov said that hydrocarbon reserves were audited by Uzbek geologists, without the services of independent experts. He said that the republic had developed a strategic exploration program for 2005-2020, which will increase reserves in this period by 1.15 bn tons of fuel equivalent.
In particular, within the 15-year period the republic plans to increase gas reserves by 1.015 tcm, oil -- by 69.8 mm tons and condensate -- by 65.7 mm tons.

Most of the increase in gas reserves (579 bn cm or 53.9 %) will come from Ustyurt region. Shaimuratov said for liquid hydrocarbons the main growth will be in Bukharo-Khiva region (30.7 mm tons of oil, or 44 %; and 29.1 mm tons of condensate, or 44.3 %).
The program involves an increase in geological exploration work in this period, so as to achieve these results. Wild-cat and exploration drilling in 2005-2020 will amount to 1.73 mm linear meters and 1.18 linear meters respectively.

According to the Institute, during the entire history of geological exploration work in Uzbekistan a total of 194 fields have been discovered, including 147 with commercial deposits of gas and 102 with commercial deposits of oil.
Last August Uzbekneftegaz signed a contract with France's Schlumberger to audit hydrocarbon reserves at the Kokdumalak field in Kashkadarya field.

Source: TCA
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