Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda set up energy strategy framework

May 08, 2006 02:00 AM

Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda have set up a $ 1.4 bn regional energy strategy framework and investment programme.
The initiative is aimed at improving regional energy access and building supporting implementation frameworks. It comes at time when the region is reeling from the effects of power deficits and increased production costs as a result of soaring fuel prices. The programme also aims at reducing poverty and meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) already underway in the four countries.

Dr Nyamajeje C. Weggoro, Economist Sectoral Policies and Programmes told that by working under the EAC umbrella, the countries will aim to formulate MDG-based energy investment to meet the four regional targets agreed upon by the member states. Dr Weggoro said the EAC countries will maximize opportunities in finding common approaches to policy development and planning, as well as coordinate energy access programmes in a regional context.
"The collaboration allows countries to pool resources, share best practices and create complementary policies," he said adding that the support for the development of the strategy and consultations have come from UNDP, the European Union Energy Initiative, Sweden, and Germany.

The Energy Committee from the four countries met at the EAC Energy Meeting in Arusha in March. Fourteen specific recommendations were agreed upon at the meeting, ranging from gender mainstreaming to national policy, planning and budget frameworks that incorporate energy access for poverty reduction.
The Global Village Energy Partnership (GVEP) country programmes in Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya that are being led by UNDP aims to align the national level (GVEP) activities with the EAC regional scale-up strategy. The current plan is for GVEP to support in the immediate term the development of a regional investment strategy which will be presented to an EAC regional workshop in June.

Source: East African Business Week
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