Uganda refutes claims about oil reserves in Albertine Graben

May 28, 2006 02:00 AM

The energy ministry has refuted claims that oil reserves at the Albertine Graben in western Uganda are linked to those of Libya and Sudan.
Ernest Rubondo, the ministry's assistant commissioner for petroleum exploration and the production department, said, "Oil wells are found in segmentary basins, therefore, the segmentary basins at the Albertine Graben in Uganda are not connected to that of any other country. It is not true that oil migrates from Libya or any other country."

Rubondo said this while presenting a paper during the energy stake holders forum at the Grand Imperial Hotel in Kampala. The function's theme was: "Global energy crisis and its impact on Uganda's energy."
He said such baseless claims could embarrass firms that have invested over $ 70 mm in exploration of the reserves.

Source: New Vision
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