US to finance designing of feasibility work of Trans-Caspian pipeline

May 22, 2006 02:00 AM

The Bush Administration is going to finance work over the designing of the feasibility study of the construction of the Trans-Caspian pipeline, according to Richard Baucher, the US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia. The US authorities intend to finance the development of the feasibility study for the region, first of all, for Kazakhstan to define whether will the Trans-Caspian pipeline be profitable.
"We will discuss with them [Caspian states] this issue and review the developments," the US high-ranking official stated.

Possible payment of expenses by the United States for the development of the feasibility study of the Trans-Caspian main pipeline, was announced earlier by Anne Derse, President’s nominee for the post of US Ambassador to Azerbaijan.
Addressing to the hearings at the Senate of the US Congress she underlined that assimilation of the Caspian energy resources and their transportation to the world markets was one of the priority directions of the US government’s policy in his region.

Source: AzerTag
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