Poland gets GUAM to take part in Odessa-Brody oil pipeline

May 25, 2006 02:00 AM

Poland is getting GUAM to take part in the project of completing construction of Odessa-Brody oil pipeline to extend it to the Polish city of Gdansk.
As Polish Economy Minister Piotr Wozniak said in Kiev, European countries are interested in GUAM participation in implementation of the project with Kazakhstan’s involvement.

Earlier, Ukraine and Georgia officially agreed on cooperation in using the Odessa-Brody pipeline in it straight direction. Particularly, they discussed a possibility of increasing amount of oil supplies via Baku-Supsa oil pipeline by 1-2 mm tons annually to let this oil further be transported to Europe by the Odessa-Brody pipeline.
Now, pumping capacity of the Baku-Supsa pipeline is 6 mm tons of oil per year.

It is worth mentioning that from the moment of taking office Yushchenko repeatedly announced that he supported use of the Odessa-Brody pipeline for transporting Caspian oil to the West.
In January, during his visit to Poland, Yushchenko assured that it was possible to reverse the pipeline’s direction. On February 4, it was announced the European Investment Bank was ready to finance extension of the pipeline to the Polish territory. Extension of the pipeline may be EUR 500 mm worth ($ 648.4 mm).

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