EU calls for coal use to help ensure energy security

May 29, 2006 02:00 AM

Europe's top energy regulator Andris Piebalgs will call for a large use of coal to help Europe ensure its energy security.
In a speech to be delivered in Gliwice, Poland, Piebalgs will say "the outlook for coal is more positive today than it has been for many years."

Piebalgs noted coal now accounts for one-third of the European Union's energy production.

Piebalgs will caution coal burning must be cleaned up to prevent environmental damage and will say the European Commission will support research into cleaner coal technology.
"Zero emission coal-fired power generation" can be achieved, Piebalgs will say.

He will note that with current energy costs, Europe's coal industry can be profitable. Suffering from rising natural gas prices and a cut off in Russian supplies last winter, the EU is looking for ways to diversify its energy sources.
Several countries have been loath to expand the use of nuclear power, making coal, which is mined in many areas of the Continent, an attractive alternative.

Source: Dow Jones Newswires
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