Sabanci becomes strategic partner with Verbund

Dec 21, 2006 01:00 AM

Head of the Energy Group of the Sabanci Holding, Selahattin Hakman, announced that they became a strategic partner with the Austrian electricity company Verbund and they raised their investment plans from $ 3-4 bn to $ 7.3 bn (EUR 5.5 bn) by 2015.
Hakman said: “We have no concrete planning made with Verbund as regards the capacity. We determined our strategies in general during the meetings. We will raise our market share target including the distribution to 15 % for 2015.”

Hakman indicated that the Sabanci Group also aimed at an annual turnover worth $ 2.5-3 bn by 2015 regarding the energy works.
Pointing out that the Sabanci Group aimed to realize energy production capacity worth 4,500 MW at least by 2015, Hakman said: “In 2006, the licenses of 450 MW-Tufanbeyli thermal power plant, 145 MW-Kavsak Bendi and 79 MW-Yamanli II hydroelectric power plants and preparations for these projects were launched.

Meanwhile, Hakman stressed that they gave the highest bidding for 45 MW-Cambasi hydroelectric power plant in the tender held by the State Water Works (DS?) and said: “Together with these projects, we reached a power exceeding 700 MW in total. The total investment amount of these projects is $ 1 bn. The foundation of these projects will be laid down within 2007.”
“We will out a tender for the Tufanbeyli power plant in spring. It will become functional at the end of 2010 or at the beginning of 2011. However, our target is to realize it by mid-2010.”

The Enerjisa, which took over the Tufanbeyli coal reserves in the Adana-Maras region from the Park Group in June, will build a power plant with a capacity of 450 MW to use 250 mm tons of visible lignite reserves in this region. Hakman said: “We will also join the tenders for the electricity distribution regions. We will most probably participate in the three tenders to be held on January 19.”
Recalling that Turkey’s electricity energy requirement rose by 1.5 fold of the GNP growth, Hakman said: “An installed energy capacity of more than 25,000 MW should be added to Turkey’s current capacity worth 40,000 MW by 2015.”

An information note prepared by the Energy Chairmanship of the Sabanci Holding said: “According to the scenario which envisages an annual 8.4 %-growth on average in Turkey’s electricity energy demand, this demand will be 236.7 bn kWh in 2010 and 354.3 bn kWh in 2015. In order to meet this demand, an additional capacity worth 26,298 MW including 8,478 MW wind and hydraulic, 17,820 MW thermal is needed.”
“According to this, the share of the thermal power plants on the installed capacity basis will rise from 62.6 % in 2010 to 63.7 % in 2015. The hydraulic capacity will fall to 35.4 % in 2010 and to 34.1 % in 2015. The wind and other renewable energy capacity will increase from 2 % to 2.2 %.”

Emphasizing that the oil issue does not take place among their targets and they are interested in the points which will create synergy via electricity and in the natural gas trade and distribution, Hakman said: “We applied to the natural gas distribution tenders held by the Energy Market Regulation Board (EPDK) for the Cukurova region. We will make a decision together with our partner.”
Reiterating that the focal point of the investments was Turkey, Hakman stated that they would evaluate the opportunities in the neighbouring countries together with Verbund.

Noting that they would also be engaged in the nuclear power plant project, Hakman said: “The formation, financing and the public role in the project will take time. It will not be right to make a comment unless these issues are clarified.”
The government plans to establish three nuclear power plants with the power of 1,500 MW each.

Source / EkoTurk News Agency
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