Presidents of Azerbaijan and Rumania satisfied with results of visit

Dec 13, 2006 01:00 AM

“It is generally accepted that Rumania is the second country that recognized the independence of Azerbaijan. Political dialogues played a significant role in development of cooperation between Azerbaijan and Rumania”, Rumanian Foreign Minister Mihay-Rizvan Unguryanu told.
Noting 4 visits of Rumanian official to Azerbaijan, he said that both President Trayan Basesku and he are greatly satisfied with the results if the visit to Azerbaijan.

“The discussions between Presidents Ilham Aliyev and Trayan Basesku made me to come to the conclusion that we have common point of views in both bilateral and regional or international range of issues. The visit gave an opportunity to analyze Azerbaijan-Rumania relations.”
“The second conference of Azerbaijan-Rumania intergovernmental commission proves that both countries are interested in the development of economical relations. Both presidents agreed to increase the number of sources and roads to ensure energy security. The realization of the projects concerning alternative transportation of hydrocarbon resources from Central Asia and Caucasus to Europe will make large profits and ensure energy security globally”, he noted.

Rumanian Foreign Minister regarded the delivery of Caspian oil to Central and South-East Europe as an alternative route bypassing Bosporus and Dardanelle straits.
“These projects are able to provide Europe with oil more effectively in the situation of increasing demands. As to Konstanza-Triest project, it is priority for Rumanian government. Other countries interested in this project will sign Memorandum of Understanding for support. There are a number of arguments supporting this project that will contribute to increase energy supply sources. This is the shortest route to deliver Caspian oil to West Europe and is of great industrial importance. The project offers big oil companies a new route between Caspian resources and oil-refineries of Europe. Big oil importers and refiners are placed along this route. Oil demands are increasing in Europe and European Union has to find ways to solve the problem. Azerbaijan will play an important role to ensure the security of Europe if the results of the discussions will be positive”, he said.

Mihay-Rizvan Unguryanu sad that Rumania seeks for trusted partner for promotion and assurance of stability and security in Black Sea region.
“I can tell that we have found this partner. Foreign policy of Rumania, as a member of NATO and EU, attaches great importance to the democracy and legal state to be built outside its eastern borders. This includes contribution to ensure stability and security in the east of European and Euro Atlantic structures. I am pleased that President Ilham Aliyev and Azerbaijan Republic unanimously supported Rumania’s initiatives to enlarge the cooperation in Black Sea region. We are very glad that our problems are understood by others. Azerbaijan’s role in this process can be not only useful but also decisive.”

“South Caucasus region is not only a door between Black and Caspian seas for energy security of Europe, but also the point joining Europe and Asia. On one hand Azerbaijan’s strategic position, on the other Rumania’s new status as a border country of European Union strengthen geo-strategic and economical interests of both countries.”
“A route from Caspian Sea to the west of Europe through Black Sea region and realization of the projects like TRACECA and INOGATE take a special place in both interests. As a member of EU, we will try to ensure stability and security in Black Sea region and cooperation with Azerbaijan will be essential principle”, he noted.

Mihay-Rizvan Unguryanu said that Azerbaijan and Rumania have successful cooperation in military field.
“Rumania-Azerbaijan bilateral military cooperation is realized according to the annual plan between Defence Ministers. These documents envisage defence and security policy, military-technical, military education, social relations, the implementation of IPAP and other spheres. Three commitments on fields of military education, protection of military information, military-techniques were undermined between the Defence Ministers during Rumanian Minister’s visit to Azerbaijan, March 2006. Rumania aids Azerbaijan according to the demands of IPAP. They include the business meeting between experts of Rumania Crisis Regulation and Multinational Actions Centre and Azerbaijan Partnership for Peace National Preparation Centre, our contribution to Partnership for Peace National Centre to be regional centre, experts’ meeting on budget planning meeting NATO standards, and creation of post-graduate courses at Regional Centre for Defence Recourses Regulation,” he said.

He welcomed GUAM’s transfer to Democracy and Economical Development Organization.
“The transportation of hydrocarbon resources within Georgia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Moldova and energy delivery to Europe is non-substitutive. We welcome the activities of GUAM on ‘frozen conflicts’ which are the danger for the region. Decisive measures should be taken and joint action plans should be adopted to prevent these dangers. Rumania supports DEDO-GUAM but does not intend to act politically. Rumania, as an observer, is ready to support the reforms of GUAM to meet Europe Union and Euro Atlantic standards”, he added.

“We hope that Action Plan will cause positively to EU-Azerbaijan relations. Rumania is ready to support Azerbaijan to implement the Action Plan.”
“Besides, Rumania-Azerbaijan relations will have a new cooperation opportunity within ENPI-CBC Black Sea program under the patronage of European Neighbourhood Policy from 2007. Azerbaijan’s commitment on participation in this program is estimable”, he said.

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