Nigeria’s Kaduna State suffers petrol fire accident

Mar 28, 2007 02:00 AM

More than 90 people were burnt to death in a fire incident caused by petrol, which spilled from a tanker in an accident in Gadoko local government area of Kaduna State.
The victims of the fire incident were said to be scooping fuel from the scene of the accident before they were engulfed in a ball of fire. The driver of the petrol tanker was said to have lost control over the vehicle, which fell across the road, before its contents were spilled.

According to sources around the accident scene, people in the village shortly after the accident mobilised themselves and started scooping petrol that was gushing out of the tanker. And just two hours after the accident, the tanker went up in flames and all those in the area who did not escape were all burnt to death, leaving behind items that they were using for scooping the fuel, including buckets, jerry cans and bowls, before they met their untimely deaths.
The charred bodies of victims of the fire disaster were seen scattered around the sceneof the accident. Some were said to be passers by, including a person that was returning from the village market.

Following the incident, the village has been thrown in a mourning mood, given that almost every family there may have lost some of their members in the inferno. Some relatives of the deceased were seen around the scene of the accident, trying to identify and recover the corpse of their deceased relatives.
The Kaduna State Deputy Governor, Mr Patrick Dangkomi visited the scene of the accident in company of the State Commissioner for Police and members of both the State House of Assembly and National Assembly from the state.

Reacting to the disaster, the Deputy Governor said, “It is a big loss not only to Kaduna State but also to the whole of Nigeria. It seems that we don’ learn from the past that is why events have been repeating themselves in this country.”
The remains of the victims have since been buried in a mass grave while survivors of the accident are receiving treatment at a nearby General Hospital.

Source: This Day
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