Kenya can save Euro 25 mm in energy imports

Mar 26, 2007 02:00 AM

A recent survey in Kenya indicates that there is a potential to save more than Sh 230 mm (EUR 25 mm) worth of energy imports annually by applying energy saving and management measures, the Executive Director of the UN-Habitat and the Director-General of the UN offices in Nairobi, UNON, Anna Tibaijuka has said.
Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Ministerial Conference on Energy and Environment for Sustainable Development in Nairobi, Tibaijuka said a recent project of the UNEP and the Kenya Association of Manufacturers saved 30, 000 tons of fuel imports worth of Sh 56 mm (EUR 6 mm) in three years through energy saving initiatives.

Tibaijuka said the lack of access to electricity in Africa is a major hindrance to the realisation economic development. She said that while energy was the driving force of economic growth, 80 % of people living in sub-Saharan Africa's rural areas have no access to electricity.
She said only 20 % of Africa's population, which live in urban areas, consume 75 % of all generated electricity.

Tibaijuka said 80 % people in rural areas are made to turn to biomass to meet their energy needs resulting in massive degradation of forests, land and woodlands.
"The rapid expansion of secondary cities in Sub Saharan Africa with its growing thirst for energy is another cause for concern, especially when it comes to delivering affordable and reliable energy for both formal and informal sectors,'" observed Tibaijuka. She said the biggest challenge facing developing countries is providing modern and reliable energy that can contribute to sustainable development without depleting forests.

Source: East African Business Week
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