Egypt to launch nuclear program to generate power

Oct 29, 2007 01:00 AM

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak announced that Egypt will start a program to set up several power-generating nuclear stations.
Addressing the inauguration of a northern Cairo power station, Mubarak said a higher council for peaceful use of nuclear energy will be established according to a republican decree. Mubarak reasserted Egypt's resolve to go through with the nuclear energy project as energy security is a basic element in building the future of Egypt and part and parcel of Egypt's national security system.

Steps to establish the first power-generating nuclear station in cooperation with the various international partners and the International Atomic Energy Agency will be carried out within a framework of transparency and respect of commitments to the nuclear non-proliferation system, Mubarak noted. The president hailed the strategic decision as it gives Egypt more responsibilities and requires important decision and legislative measures pertaining to the energy sector in general and bodies concerned with nuclear energy in particular.
"The peaceful use of nuclear energy have become part of Egypt's national security for energy and march toward the future," Mubarak said, expressing confidence that the people and the government would live up to the responsibility of that decision.

Mubarak said the sources of energy for development will be diversified and developed, underlining the importance of rationalizing energy inside homes and factories and various production sites as lifestyle.
At the closing session of the fourth annual conference of the ruling National Democratic Party in September 2006, Mubarak declared that Egypt will continue its scientific research to develop peaceful nuclear technology regardless of its high costs. Egypt started very limited nuclear technological research in1957.

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