Ireland to install electricity monitor in every home

Nov 05, 2007 01:00 AM

A plan to install a smart meter to monitor electricity use in every home in the Republic of Ireland will be announced by the Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources Eamon Ryan.
The scheme is designed to cut electricity demand by about 10 % for every household. The Minister is expected to announce details of a pilot programme to install the meters in 25,000 homes next year.

The homes in the pilot project will be in varied geographic locations to get the best spread for a national roll-out over the following four years. The national roll-out of the scheme will be co-ordinated by the Commission for Energy Regulation with input from ESB Networks and Sustainable Energy Ireland.
Smart meters are designed to operate like fuel gauges in cars so that people will be told in a manner easy to understand how much electricity they use and at what cost. The programme is designed to help householders cut their costs by using electricity efficiently and in the process will help to reduce the country's level of carbon emissions.

The Government has a target of reducing emissions by 3 % a year during its lifetime. The smart meter will also enable people with solar panels or those using wind power to sell power back to the national grid. It will also provide energy suppliers with detailed information to enable better management of peaks and troughs in the usage of electricity.
Most householders at present have no idea what the electricity meter in their home means because it deals in kilowatt hours, which gives no indication of the costs of electricity being used.

Source: Power Engineering
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