Bulgaria tops Europe's energy wasters league

Feb 07, 2008 01:00 AM

Bulgaria is exposed as the EU member state with the highest energy intensity in a report issued by the World Energy Council. The energy intensity of GDP is the ratio of primary energy consumption expressed in tons-of-oil equivalent (toe) to GDP (expressed in euros).
Bulgaria's energy intensity is measured at 1.769 toe. Slovakia is next with 1.368 toe and Estonia with 1.179 toe. The EU25 average is 0.208 toe.

Analysts concur that the potential for improvement in the energy efficiency of the new EU member states is significant and could provide a strong boost to EU economic growth. Energy efficiency spending in Bulgaria remains below the official targets. Under the national energy efficiency plan, adopted two years ago, the sector should absorb BGN 4.1 bn through 2015.
The likely cost of the first unit of the Belene nuclear power station about to begin to be constructed is around EUR 4 bn. The coal-fired 600 MW capacity planned to be installed in the Maritsa Iztok basin is estimated to cost a further EUR 1 bn.

A report by the European Wind Energy Association also published shows that Bulgaria doubled its capacity wind energy generation capacity in 2007 but it remains at a scant 70 MW.
The Bulgarian energy strategy sets out as priority areas the streamlining of industrial fuel consumption, fuel switching and improving the energy efficiency of administrative, municipal and pre-fabricated buildings.

Source / Dnevnik a.m.
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