Turkmenistan to increase gas output to 50 bn cm

Mar 19, 2008 01:00 AM

Turkmenistan's natural gas output will increase to 50 bn cm in a near time, the director of the Institute of Oil and Gas, Makhtumkuli Khydyrov, said. He said the institute's specialists had prepared a plan of investment in the development of the gas field Yuzhny Iotolan.
It "is intended for the "output at 20 bn cm of 'blue fuel' at the first stage of development".

The implementation of another investment project of a large-scale development of the Garazhovlak, Gukkukbill, Gabril and Takhtabaza-1 deposits in central Karakum is to increase the gas output to 30 bn cm a year, Khydyrov said.
Specialists of the institute have participated over the recent years in opening 20 gas and gas condensate fields, including Uyzhyny Iotolan and Osman. They uncovered six deposits, which increases gas reserves to 1 tcm.

Officially, Turkmenistan's gas output is about 80 bn cm, of which 20 bn is used within the country, 50 bn is sold to Russia and about 10 bn to Iran.
Under the national programme of oil and gas industry development, the gas output is to be brought to 120 bn cm by 2010, to 175 bn cm by 2020 and 250 bn by the year 2030.

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