Trinidad to send gas for Canadian LNG plant

Oct 29, 2008 01:00 AM

A new Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminal and regasification plant will begin receiving gas supplies from Trinidad and Tobago within the first quarter of 2009. Energy Minister Conrad Enill told on October 23. It was only in July that the Government sent LNG shipments to Brazil for the first time. This country is now the largest supplier of LNG to the United States.
"Every day we go out and we look for new markets. Well, they make new arrangements on the basis of available product... It's commercial arrangements," Enill said.

Atlantic LNG, which operates four LNG Trains in Point Fortin, will be providing the shipments to the new terminal and plant, which is owned by Canaport LNG. Some 75 % of Canaport LNG is owned by Repsol-YPF, the Spanish energy giant that is a shareholder in all four of the Atlantic LNG Trains.
The Canaport LNG terminal and regasification plant are still under construction and are now 84 % complete and that the project's only other shareholder is Irving Oil.

Canaport LNG spokeswoman Carolyn Van der Veen said it will begin commercial deliveries of natural gas in the first quarter of 2009. Van der Veen told that Canaport LNG will begin by sending 28 mm cm of natural gas per day down the Brunswick Pipeline before the end of March.
"The first shipments of liquefied natural gas will come from Trinidad and Tobago," a report said.

Enill said that while much of the natural gas that is extracted from upstreamers like BP and British Gas is reserved for contractual arrangements, the rest is available to the State to use as it sees fit.
"We have contracted gas but we also have gas that can go anywhere... It's Government's gas. Usually we will look for places where we can get the most benefits. In some instances, the Production Sharing Contracts give us gas that we have available to us and in many instances we can sell that gas wherever we think we can get the best deal," Enill said.

Source / Trinidad Express
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