Renewable energy for Finland

Nov 10, 2008 01:00 AM

The share of renewable energy is to rise to 38 % of Finland's total consumption by year 2020, the country's new energy strategy maintains. That will be achieved with a boost in domestic generation, partly of nuclear power.
The strategy, presented by government earlier, could result in reduced power imports from Russia, as well as in the strengthening of the role of nuclear power in the country. The new ambitious climate and energy strategy outlines measures for the period until 2020, as well as suggestions up to year 2050, a press release from the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy reads.

State financing of the climate and energy sector will increase from EUR 350 mm in 2007 to EUR 440 mm this year, and to EUR 550 mm in 2009. Meanwhile, the country will strengthen its own generation in order to "provide for peak consumption and possible import disturbances".
In constructing Finland's own capacity, priority will be given to plants that do not emit greenhouse gases, or ones withlow emissions, such as combined power and heat plants using renewable fuels, and financially profitable and environmentally acceptable water and wind power plants, the press release reads. This will mean more nuclear power, the country's Minister of Economic Affairs Mauri Pekkarinen confirms.

The strategic objective is to halt growth in final energy consumption to approximately 310 TWh, which is about equal to current consumption.
Share of renewable energy to rise to 38 % through intensified support and steering systems. In addition to continued investments in nuclear energy, an intense increase in the use of wood-based energy, waste fuels, heat pumps, biogas and wind energy will take place.

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