Tunisia uses new incentives for using solar energy in households and farms

Feb 02, 2009 01:00 AM

The Ministry of industry, energy, and small and medium enterprises is preparing a revision of the legislation relative to incentives given to owners of households who use solar energy, said Mr Abdelaziz Rassaa, the Secretary of State in charge of renewable energies and food industries, in Tunis.
He said that the new amendment will grant bonuses worth 30 % of the investment cost of solar heaters (with a ceiling of 15,000 dinars) to household owners and of up to 40 % of bonuses will be available to farm owners (at a maximum investment cost of 20,000 dinars).

The announcement was made at the opening of a seminar organized by the El Manar Rotary club at the Tunis Planetarium. The seminar which discussed the feasibility of a pilot project dubbed "Soleil de Nefta" (Sunny Nefta), aims at generalizing the use of solar energy in the 25,000-inhabitant southern town, as well as using solar power for the pumping of water for its 500,000 tree palm grove.
Mr Rassaa reminded participants that Tunisia has doubled its solar energy capacity in 2008; noting that the country's solar energy capacity increased from 8,000 sq meters of solar panels in 2004 to 80,000 sq meters in 2008.

The aim of the next 4-year plan is to reach global energy savings of 2 mm tons of petrol equivalent in 2011 and to boost the use of renewable energies from 12 % in 2007 to 16 % in 2020, he added.
Tunisia invests 1,2 % of its GNP in environmental programs.

Source / Tunisia Online
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