Cameroon-Chad energy project creates technical committee unit

Feb 09, 2009 01:00 AM

The Cameroon-Chad Electric Inter-Connection project, a component of the Energy Inter-Connection and Electrification of Cross Border Localities Project agreed upon between the two countries on 23 October, 2007 through a protocol agreement, went into an important phase on 10 February, 2008, following the creation of an Inter-State Technical Committee Unit to pilot the project.
The technical committee created through an agreement between the governments of the two countries, represented by the Ministers in charge of energy, will have as arduous task to ensure the effective implementation of the project.

According to the terms of the agreement, the technical committee unit will supervise activities leading to the electrical connection between the two countries, coordinate, follow up and ensure the execution of the project, and look for sources of financing. The committee is expected to meet at least once every quarter but can meet when it deems necessary.
Piloted by Cameroon's Minister of Energy and Water, Jean Bernard Sindeu and the Chadian Minister of Mines and Energy, Yaya Dillo, the delegation of experts of the two countries discussed for two days running to arrive at certain decisions.

All the discussions were of course guided by the umbrella terms of the October 2007 protocol agreement. In this light therefore, the experts touched on five major areas: Inter-connection line, guaranteed power to be supplied to Chad, hydroelectric site from where to tap the energy, the tariffs to be put in place and the institutional framework on trade.
From every indication, experts judged premature to talk about tariff. However, the trend of argument seemed to swing towards tariffs that are compatible with those in Cameroon.

The Cameroon-Chad Electric Inter-Connection project will enable Cameroon supply about 35 MW of energy to Chad. About ten of these will come in 2011 after the rehabilitation of the Lagdo Hydroelectric Dam.
The rest will be tapped from a yet to be constructed hydroelectricdam at Warack in Adamawa Region and is expected to be ready latest 2014/2015.

Source / Cameroon Tribune
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