Tauern Gas Pipeline expected to enhance security of supply in Europe

Mar 05, 2009 01:00 AM

The feasibility study for the Tauern Gas Pipeline (TGL) project is on schedule. Last year, key project issues including system planning parameters and the pipeline route were defined in more detail.
The capacity allocation process will start at the beginning of the second quarter of 2009, which will allow the feasibility study to be completed by autumn 2009. The decision on the realisation of the project will follow shortly afterwards.

The Tauern Gas Pipeline (TGL) project will allow continuous natural gas transmission from Haiming in Bavaria via the Inn region of Upper Austria with its numerous storage facilities, Salzburg, Carinthia (where it ties into the Trans Austria Gas Pipeline) and the border with Italy to Malborghetto. It will be a key component in the future integrated European natural gas grid connecting the central European pipeline system with the Adriatic region (LNG terminals) and natural gas markets in Italy and South-East Europe.
There are also plans to extend the systeminto Slovenia.

The recent gas crisis has underlined the need to push for greater diversification of Europe's supply sources. The TGL project provides access to alternative sources of supply including liquefied natural gas (LNG) shipped from regions such as North Africa and Arab countries to the Mediterranean region by tankers.
This greater diversification on the supplier side will translate into more security of supply for countries whose pipeline systems are part of the European gas grid, as it reduces the dependency on individual producer regions and transmission routes.

As part of the TGL Open Season 2009, 520,000 Nmcubed/h of long-term transportation capacity from the north to the south and vice versa shall be allocated to shippers on the basis of binding booking requests. On the whole, the Tauern Gas Pipeline will have a transportation capacity of 1,300,000 Nmcubed/h in both directions, 650,000 Nmcubed/h of which are to be awarded to the shareholders of the project consortium following an application for an exemption in accordance with section 20a of the Austrian Gas Act.
130,000 Nmcubed/h will be kept available for short-term transportation contracts. These capacities will be allocated shortly before the TGL is commissioned. Potential shippers will be informed about the details of the TGL Open Season 2009 in time on the company's website at http://www.tauerngasleitung.at after consultation with the regulatory authorities.

The decision on whether the pipeline project goes ahead will be taken after the TGL Open Season and the completion of the feasibility study in consultation with local residents and landowners so that the environmental compatibility declaration required for an environmental impact assessment can be submitted to the authorities before the end of 2009.
Construction is scheduled to start in 2010. The pipeline is expected to be ready for commissioning in 2015.

As a recognised part of the Trans-European Networks (TEN) the Tauern Gas Pipeline will be an important linkin the future integrated European gas grid.
For further information about the project visit http://www.tauerngasleitung.at.

About the project
The TGL project is backed by a predominantly Austrian consortium. The stakes in Tauerngasleitung Studien- und Planungsgesellschaft are held by Energie Oberoesterreich (15 %), Kelag (7.5 %), RAG (10 %), Salzburg (15 %) and TIGAS-Erdgas Tirol (7.5 %). E.ON Ruhrgas, one of Europe's leading gas suppliers, holds 45 %.

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