FSB opens Shtokman village for regular traffic

Mar 05, 2009 01:00 AM

The Federal Security Service (FSB) has opened Teriberka, the hub for Shtokman field operations, for regular traffic. Until now, the town has been included in the closed Russian border zone.
The FSB confirms that Teriberka from January 1 is opened for regular travel. That means that visitors no longer need special permits to go to the place, the site for the planned Shtokman LNG plant, as well as other petroleum installations. It still remains illegal however to turn off from the main road to Teriberka. The village, originally a fishery port, is located about 100 km northeast of Murmansk city.

The opening of Teriberka will make it far easier for Shtokman project partners Gazprom, Total and StatoilHydro to visit Teriberka. Until now, the companies have had to apply to the FSB several months ahead of visits to the site.
Regular Russian migration regulations still apply for the area. That means that the type of a visa should correspond to the purpose of travel. The FSB in Murmansk therefore requests travellers to inform beforehand about upcoming events at the site.

The FSB also in October last year made corrections in the border zone in Murmansk Oblast. Then, the border towns of Nikel, Zapolyarny and Pechenga were opened for traffic.
It was the organizers of the Barents Sea Conference in Hammerfest, Norway, which earlier informed about the FSB decision.

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