Petrobras puts oil and gas production up 5.5 % in February

Mar 18, 2009 01:00 AM

Petrobras's average oil and gas production in Brazil, in February, topped out at 2,247,707 boepd, 5.6 % more than a year ago and 1.3 % above February's mark. The exclusive domestic field oil production, of 1,940,343 bpd, was 6.5 % higher than the same month a year ago and 0.9 % more than the 1,922,946 bpd extracted in January 2009.
Both the total production (oil and gas) and the exclusive oil production set monthly records.

The positive difference of 17,000 bpd took place in the Campos Basin, driven by the increased production of platforms P-51 (Marlim Sul) and P-54 (Roncador). The previous monthly record, set in January 2009, was 1,922,945 bpd. The daily production record was broken on March 4, when 2,012,654 barrels were lifted.
Considering the fields in Brazil and abroad, the company's total oil and natural gas production last February reached the daily average of 2,474,680 boe. This was 5.2 % more than in February 2008 and 1.7 % more than the total volume extracted in the first monthof this year from the Petrobras's fields in Brazil and abroad.

The volume of oil and natural gas coming from the eight countries where Petrobras has production assets, in barrels of oil equivalent, rose to 226,973 boepd, 5.6 % more than the previous month's mark and 2 % more than the February 2008 production, due, mainly, to increased production in Argentina and in Nigeria.
Natural gas production in the domestic fields reached 84.867 mm cmpd in February, remaining at the same production levels of January 2009 and February 2008, keeping pace with the lower domestic demand in the first couple months of the year.

Natural gas production abroad reached 16.855 mm cm, a 6.9 % increase compared to the previous month, and 3.6 % less than a year ago.
The international variation derived from the decreased production in Bolivia caused by the lower demand imposed on the Bolivia-Brazil Gas Pipeline.

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