Gas demand to increase strongly in northern emirates by 2015

May 09, 2009 02:00 AM

Rapid economic growth will ally with a steady rise in power demand and an ongoing drive to switch away from oil will more than triple gas consumption in Dubai and other northern emirates in 2015, official figures showed.
From around 600 mm cfpd in 2005, gas demand in the northern emirates jumped to nearly 1,100 mm cfpd in 2008 and is projected to peak at around 1,250 mm cfpd in 2009, data from the government-owned Emirates General Petroleum Corporation (EPGC) showed. Demand is forecast to continue its rapid rise to reach 1,400 mm cf in 2010 and 1,500 mm cfpd in 2011 before climbing to around 2,000 mm cfpd in 2015, more than three times the gas consumption level in 2005.

In a paper presented to a Middle East pipeline conference in Abu Dhabi, EPGC's Gas Operations Manager, Khaled Al Awadi, said gas consumption in the northern emirates would continue its rapid climb to reach around 3,700 mm cfpd in 2025, adding that demand would be met from both domestic production, mostly by Abu Dhabi, and imports from Qatar and other countries.
The UAE is already getting around 2 bn cf of natural gas per day through the Dolphin subsea gas line from Qatar's North Field, the world's largest basis of non-associated gas, with an estimated 900 tcf. There are also plans to import Iranian gas through a pipeline linking the country with Sharjah, where all pipeline and processing facilities have already been constructed by Dana Gas. Gas was due to be delivered two years ago but was delayed because of a rift over pricing.

To meet its surging demand, the UAE has steadily increased its gas production from around 64 bn cm in 2003 to around 74.6 bn cm in 2007, according to estimates by the 12-nation OPEC. The 2007 production included around 50.2 bn cm of marketed gas and 17.7 bn cm of gas re-injected into oil wells to maximise recovery rates. The rest covered flared gas and wasted gas during the consumption process.
The surge allowed the UAE to maintain its position as the fourth largest Arab gas producer after Qatar, Algeria and Saudi Arabia.

The UAE has the world's fifth-largest natural gas reserves after those of Russia, Qatar, Iran and Saudi Arabia, estimated at 6.5 tcm.
At the 2007 production level, the reserves could last nearly 87 years while its nearly 98 bn barrels of oil deposits could last more than 100 years.

Source / Emirates Business
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