NATO ready to ensure security of Nabucco gas pipeline

Jun 10, 2009 02:00 AM

NATO does not rule out its military expansion to ensure safety of ways of energy resources even out of the Alliance's area.
Michael Gaul, the head of the Defence and Security Economics Directorate, claimed in Baku that the pipelines are part of the internal infrastructure of the region, but in some cases, as an exception, in case of receipt of proposals from outside NATO can render assistance in provision of pipeline security.

In this key (provision of Nabucco gas pipeline security by NATO forces), the issue was raised at recent Baku conference Caspian Oil & Gas 2009, but then the Azerbaijani side emphasized reliable system of safety of pipelines on the territory of the country.
"The final decision on Nabucco project has not been made. The project participants should solve issues of project registration. Azerbaijan's participation in Nabucco project is an internal matter. The participating countries should come to common coordination. NATO realizes whole importance of Nabucco project andback Azerbaijan. Undoubtedly Azerbaijan as a supplier plays very important role," Mr Gaul said.

Nabucco should be constructed in 2011-14 for transportation of 31 bn cm of gas a year (according to pipeline consortium's latest appetites, 65 bn cm) form Asia to Europe through Turkey.
Its participants are only member countries of NATO and no one of the countries to be gas sources for the pipeline (Azerbaijan, Iraq and Turkmenistan) are still not members of the alliance.

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